About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am Hexxus, I am a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer that specializes on the Microsoft Platform. I am an advocate for free-speech, an open and free internet and other morally good based things that revolve around technology.

On this blog I will post things that may upset some people, or challenge you to think about your views and other people’s views on the world, internet, time and space.

Lastly, this is meant to be a fun place to learn. While I specialize on Windows, I have a strong Ubuntu Desktop/Server foundation and Mac OS X knowledge. In a manner, jack of all trades may be appropriate to describe myself.

I really do like Ubuntu, that’s my linux distro of choice. I think that they have an outstanding vision and hope that they can really button down the hatches, focus and bring great services and products to the industry that desperately needs people to Q/C an eco-system built by dev’s.

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