About Me

Hey there!

My name is Brandon, I am a Windows Server SME and Entrepreneur with a jack of all trades approach to many different areas of Infrastructure, IT and life in general. I’ve done scalable web-hosting with many clusters to supporting over ten-thousand users accessing systems that I architected and implemented. Proficient with not just Microsoft technologies, but also other areas such as Disaster Recovery, ROI hardware and software investments and security qualifications such as  PCI, HIPAA and SOC II Type’s 1 and 2.

With that said, I thought it would be a nice thing to have a blog going to help share things that interest me and things that I’ve learned since IT is ever changing. “The Cloud” is no longer a new model however for some businesses it is certainly considered new technology. I am proficient with Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS Services, so if you’re here to learn about the cloud or see something that might be cool, you’re in the right place.

Away from the technology stuff,  I really enjoy all types of music including but not limited to Nightwish, Ghost, Beethoven, Bach, lots of 80’s/90’s country, easy listening, Trance and Jazz. I’m confident that I am missing several genre’s but you get the picture, it’s diverse.

I have a great family that I won’t go into details about but suffice to say, I really am a lucky man.

Photography interests me, I’d like to think that there are times that I have a good eye for it. I may start posting more of it on this site.

Learning continues to be the foundation of who I am, I love to learn, I believe that I will always be a lifelong student at heart. Presently I am working on earning my Bachelors degree in Information Technology at the University of Phoenix. I have aspirations of earning my Doctorate before I leave this Earth.

This blog will be a vessel of not just technology related things I have decided, but a great Pandora’s box of information, experiences and knowledge that I hope could one day save someone a little bit of pain by learning through this vicariously. Or, that’s the idea at least. Who knows, it’s the Internet.