Apple Music!

Apple launched it’s #AppleMusic today! Wow, I am impressed. I didn’t think that I would honestly care for Beats1 but I gotta say I love it! Already added 5 songs in the less than 1 hour that I’ve been listening to it.




This was the loading screen that I was apparently stuck at for a little while, however about a minute after being on it, it was gone. Maybe I got in it too early or there were too many users? Who knows.

Adding music to your library is extremely easy when listening, tap the “…” next to the song and you’re presented with many menu options that lets you add music to your library or playlists:







That’s it! Very easy to use and the DJ’s are outstanding. What do you think of it? I’ve used #AppleMusic and Google Music and Xbox Live Music Pass and I gotta say, Apple did it right with this one. The only gripe that I have is that they didn’t launch the latest version of iTunes (12.2.x) in order to listen to Apple Music, I did read however that it will be released at 2:00PM EST.

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  1. Derek

    Good article! I played around with it a little on the phone tonight. It’s a nice improvement from what they had before (which was also quite good, IMHO).

    Good to know iTunes is getting an update today too!


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