Dell Latitude E6520 Fingerprint Reader on Windows 8.1 X64


Recently I purchased a used Latitude E6520 and it had the biometric fingerprint reader on it. Psyched I installed Windows 8.1 Professional on the laptop and guess what didn’t work? The fingerprint reader.

So, after reading over a dozen posts and most of them being specific to Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit. I was able to piece things together to get it working properly on Windows 8.1.


The problem with my laptop was a couple things, the fingerprint reader is controlled via a BMC controller that has it’s own firmware. So, you need to download versions of the control vault software so that the software successfully installs the driver and recognizes the biometric reader.

I achieved this with “DELL_CONTROLVAULT-WINDOWS-BI_A00_R308326.exe”. After it was able to install I then downloaded the firmware files.

In my case I was forced to upgrade the firmware slightly in order, as It appeared I was running a very old firmware version. These are also available on the support page for the E6520. The last one that I ran was “CV_Setup_TJ9CD_A29_ZPE.exe”. The way you run these is after they extract, run “C:\Dell\Drivers\TJ9CD\firmware\ushupgrade.exe”. You may need to have your TPM ownership password from your TPM if you’re using it like I am for Bitlocker.

After upgrading to the last version (that I listed above – A29) and several restarts. Uninstall the controlvault software, restart and install the latest version which is “CV_Drv_Setup_RDYG9_A11_64bit_ZPE.exe” from the support page of the E6520.

Before you restart one last time, change the “Windows Biometric Framework” service from a manual startup to “Automatic”. Then restart and VOILA!

You’ll be able to register your fingerprint to your account. It was a serious PITA to get this to work… I really would love it if Dell/Broadcom came up with better driver support for Windows 8.1

Hope this helps!

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