New Job @ Calabrio

Hey everyone,

It has been a very long time since I posted anything on here. With that said, many things have changed. My former employer GoIWx was acquired by a company called Beyond Impact LLC. Beyond Impact however was a bit different as far as their approach to technology and their goals to what they wanted to achieve. Unfortunately, after the acquisition the company had to let myself and another colleague go and thus we had no jobs at the start of 2017. Fortunately! I was able to find a new place to call home away from home.

Calabrio, based here in Minneapolis MN. The dev’s do some pretty amazing work on software called Work Force Optimization software. The big product is called Calabrio One, they brought me in as a cloud engineer and I will be doing some really exciting work here at Calabrio.

Honestly, the company is simply amazing. The people are very nice and have a great attitude that cannot be beat, management is reasonable and very supportive. I haven’t been so happy to go to work in a long time. Which brings up this simple concept, if you’re not waking up in the morning and happy to go to work. You need a change, you need to change something at your current place of work if possible or you need to maybe look for that change elsewhere. When I was laid off from my old job, I was so worried that I wouldn’t find work, how would I pay my bills and the usual adult mentality. In hind-sight, I can say that I am truly happy that it happened.

Go forth and have fun! Remember to change and be human, you’re a person that doesn’t need to live at work stressed and anxious. If you are, then change that, your mind and loved ones will thank you, believe me…. mine did.

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