New Wiki

So, I created a wiki on this site. My problem is that there are frequent times where I would run into a very complex or challenging problem and the solution wasn’t easy. Frequently it would require research and the combination of learning from multiple places. Whether those places were books, sites or forums. So I felt it would be a cool idea to create an open-sourced idea of a wiki that detailed problems and their solutions in a centralized location, a place where other
people can use it and upload their own items too.

Risks, there are some serious risks.There are those on the internet who are black-hats that just want to mess with things, whether they do it to learn or try stuff. I ask that they not do that here, just like you I am also learning how to do certain things.

Have a look around, it’s really in a beta/work in progress as I try to get it closer to a stage where people could actually add information to it. Like I said, it’s also a learning tool for myself.

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