Psychology of the herd

Psychology is a strange thing.

I have not taken any psychology courses, yet I can see things as they unfold and accurately correlate them to concepts that I have seen in the movies, read about in books, heard about from educated friends and yet here we are.

I know that this may seem like a strange beginning to a post but wait, there’s more. Human-beings are simple creatures of comfort, stability and ease. We like easy things, we like instant results now heck, even I do as I write this reflect on things that I wish were faster.

As computers became more and more powerful, so much quicker our results from them to the point that we began to expect that all results should come so fast. Let me give you a scenario that I was reflecting on. As the stock market has taken a bit of a nose-dive from the Corona-Virus, there is a strong part of me that wants to fast-forward into 6 months from now. By then I speculate that we’ll have a vaccine, we will have gotten over the hump of the rate of infections and the recovered has outpaced the infected rate.

I want to be at that spot watching my 401K rising, watching people going out and not maintaining 6 feet of distance from each other. I want to cough from my seasonal allergies without looking like I have contracted the nasty virus. I want things to be back the way they were previously before that virus entered the blood-stream of patient zero out in Wuhan China and began spreading. See, I want simple things but I want them now.

“All good things come to those who wait…” ~ Abe Lincoln.

Well, I don’t want to wait. I want people to stop acting like lunatics in a herd, compounding their fears upon one another and those that watch this occur slowly feel fear rising in themselves until their like their paranoid friends that they witnessed. No. I don’t want that schizophrenia paranoia to take hold in my neighborhood where my loved ones are, or where my family is extended upon. At that moment when the herd mentality sinks into these peoples minds is when their deep fears become a reality.

I witnessed on Facebook an acquaintance of mine declaring her fear of Martial Law being imposed upon her and her neighborhood. She wan’t ‘angry scared’, she was terrified of what it meant and asking questions from her friends on Facebook. As you can imagine, her type of personality draws others that are similarly minded and they began to embrace this fear and perhaps without their awareness, promote it. You see, they amplified the fear by talking about it and how it happens, what will happen, what could happen, how bad it will be when it happens instead of stating how far away from reality it was from happening because there is no reason for it. Yet, they built off of each other, and the Facebook emoji’s that others placed on comments led me to believe that the outsiders that were spectating may have become ensnared by the discussion and the fears within it.

I began to point out how we’re at step 14 of this Corona virus and the strategies of our healthcare system are capable of handling it as long as everyone listened to the instructions given and that this conversation was about step 3,229 should things go horribly awry.

I was kindly shown the door so to say on that Facebook post by the others and not even the original post by my acquaintance. You see, logic can escape humans when they’re in this herd mentality. Reasoning takes a side-step to panic, anxiety and fear. Just like in so many movies and TV shows that I have witnessed. Fear is taking hold of the roots of people that have that personality type. I believe that there is sufficient correlation between certain personality types and the way that they vote, their view on beliefs or hot agenda topics of today. I also believe that it determines their response when they are asked not to do something for the good of the nation, the good of their neighbors and the good of the world. I need to put some thought into it. Because you see, at the root of the psychology of the herd, there are common personality types and I believe that those personality types are growing in America.

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