Thoughts on the future of computing.

The year is 2015, we’ve already seen advances in several fields. From my perspective, the new Ubuntu phone was recently released and is doing “well” by Canonical’s opinion. Those loyal to the Ubuntu distro have found it to be cool. I think that there are a few major branches of technology receiving an amazing amount of potential break-through’s.

For example, in the Microsoft world Satya Nadella has already started to show that Microsoft can and is willing to change. They’re really pushing the user experience and Satya said something along the lines of wanting the users to actually use their operating system, not because it was the most widely adopted, but because of the experience. Their Office 365 product line is still dominating the industry, but the part that is relevant to their branch of pushing computing further isn’t a new OS. It’s Cortana, their A.I. from Halo. It’s making waves and I can speak from me using it for nearly 4 or so months now, it’s worth it.

In the Ubuntu world, I said 4 years ago that mobile phones/tablets would replace some users traditional laptops/desktops. They’d be dock-able and able to use monitors, keyboards and mice. Running a full-fledged desktop experience. I really feel that Ubuntu is working towards that and it could cause some serious waves as the hardware backs that path up. The problem with Linux is that it is very developer oriented, so the experience is quite lacking compared to other OS’ but that’s something they could easily change. No user should need to open a terminal just to fix something that should work properly out of the box… long discussion there. But the point is relevant.

In the Apple world, they’re hiring automotive experts like crazy and rumour has it that they will be producing a vehicle by the year 2020. Wow, not sure what to think there but it’s already late to the game since Google has been doing driver-less cars for many months now. Interesting topics ahead!

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