What is The Cloud?

You’ve heard of it, you may know you’re running on it or you might feel it’s insecure. The Cloud is here and it is here to stay. It offers a company’s a very scalable way to purchase the services they need at any time. If there is incredible growth in the company, traditionally you have to order servers, get them configured/installed and eventually get them into production. With the cloud, you can literally add services to compensate for the demand of your workload in minutes.

This is a huge game-changer for many companies as it allows them to meet the demands of their business in a far more accelerated pace and empower the business and it’s users far more effectively than other traditional models. One thing that comes up often as I meet with people is that there is a perception that the cloud is insecure or less secure than hosting one’s data in one’s own data-center. This is, in fact, farther from the truth than reality.  The reality is that the cloud is much more secure than traditional on-premises data-center models. These public cloud providers have to have more industry certifications and publications regarding their physical security, network security and topology security between tenants than any other entity. This perception exists as this incredible security relies solely on the implementor.  For more information, I’d suggest reading this Gartner’s report.